Trailer and Action Girl character design for 18th SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival

Date : May 2016

Director's Statement (En)

Women have made films with the birth of cinema.

Even though there is a wall up for women in the film industry, women make good films and jump over the limit.


감독의 말 (Kor)

영화의 탄생부터 여성은 영화를 만들어왔습니다. 영화산업계에서 여성에 대한 장벽이 있더라도, 여성은 좋은 영화를 만들며, 이 벽을 뛰어 넘습니다.


Animated Short / 2016 / 1 min  /  Color / 16:9 / Stop-motion and Drawing on Paper / No Dialogue /  Stereo


Director, Animation, Cinematography, Editing, Music and Sound  : Seunghee Kim


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Photos by Seoul International Women's Film Festival

© 2018  Seunghee Kim