Original Title: 피의 연대기      

English Title: For Vagina's Sake

Distribution : KT&G Sangsang Cinema

Email : cinema@sangsangmadang.com

Phone :  +82 2-330-6243

Theatrical release date :  January 18th, 2018

Synopsis (En)
Women eat, sleep, and bleed. This bleeding has been symbolized as mystery, impurity, and inferiority, but this long-lasting taboo around menstruation started to crack up. Women all over the world voiced up and NPR crowned 2015 as the Year of Period. This big wave has arrived in Korea. The wall of information collapse, and women demand their right to choose how to bleed. For Vagina's Sake follows the history of bleeding and social issues happening in modern societies. With colorful animation and fast-paced editing style, it is nicknamed as "Period Wikipedia."

Synopsis (Kor)

한 달에 한 번, 일 년에 12번, 살아가면서 적어도 400번…귀찮은 ‘그날’의 이름은 대자연, 마법, 반상회 = ‘생리’! ‘여성의 몸’과 ‘생리’에 관한 범시대적, 범세계적 탐구다큐.


Production: Keam Production

Director : Boram Kim

Producer:  Heejung Oh

Cinematography : Minju Kim

Animation Director : Seunghee Kim


2017 New Choice award, Seoul Independent Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)

2016 Best Roughcut Project, Docs Port Incheon (Incheon, Korea) 

2016 Ock-Rang Cultural Prize, Seoul International Women's Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)


2018  London Korean Film Festival (London, UK)

2018 Korean Film Festival in Paris (Paris, France)

2018 Incheon Women's Film Festival (Incheon, Korea)

2017 Seoul Independent Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)

2017 Gwangju Women's Film Festival (Gwangju, Korea)

2017 Seoul International Women's Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)

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