Seunghee Kim is an animation director based in Seoul, Korea.

Her debut film, Mirror in Mind, won 11 awards and selected for more than 60 international film festivals. It has been featured on Vimeo as a staff pick, Short of the Week, etc since its online release. SimSim (The Realm of Deepest Knowing), her second film, won 8 awards and screened at more than 70 film festivals worldwide.

She took a part as animation director for the feature documentary titled For Vagina’s Sake which has been released theatrically in Korea since January, 2017. The character <Action Girl> goods designed by her has been produced such as badges, tumbler, canvas shopper bag, etc since she made the trailer for 18th Seoul International Women’s film festival.

In 2018, she was selected by Samsung Foundation of Culture as a resident of Cite International des Arts in Paris, France and producing her third film, Tiger and Ox. 



2017  SimSim(The Realm of Deepest Knowing) | Animated Short | 3min 30sec | South Korea

           Director, Producer, Animator, DOP, Editor, and Composer

Grants & Sponsorship        

2017  Grant Recipient - Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, Film Submission Support Grant

2016  Grant Recipient - Korea Creative Content Agency, Animated Short Production Support Grant

2016  In-kind support Recipient -POST FIN NalGae Project, DCP converting and mastering support



2018 Nov  Silver Prize, Digicon6 Regional competition, Japan and South Korea

2018 Apr  Best Experimental, Boomtown Film and Music Festival, USA

2017 Nov  Jury's Choice Award, Black Maria Film Festival, USA

2017 Nov  Best Short-short, St. Cloud Film Festival, USA

2017 Nov  Cinecube Award for creative film, Asiana International Short Film Festival, South Korea

2017 Sep  Special Mention, Experimental art film section, Girona Film Festival, Spain

2017 Sep  Prize for Independent Walk, Indie-AniFest, South Korea

2017 July Honorable mention in Stop Motion category, Florida Animation Festival, USA


Official Selections

2018 Dec Leuven Short Film Festival (Leuven, Belgium)

2018 Nov New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival (Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan)

2018 Nov San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, CA, USA)

2018 Sep Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)

2018 Aug Sakhalin International Film Festival (Sakhalin, Russia)

2018 Aug Mosaic World Film Festival (Rockford, IL, USA)

2018 May Bogota Experimental Film Festival-CineAutopsia (Bogota, Columbia)

2018 May Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival (Scotland, UK)

2018 May Golden Kuker - Sofia International Animation Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria)

2018 May Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival (Victoria, Canada)

2018 Apr Cellu l’art Short Film Festival (Jena, Germany)

2018 Apr BoomTown Film Festival (Beaumont, TX, USA)

2018 Apr International Changing Perspectives Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)

2018 Apr Animacom Fest (Bilbao, Spain)

2018 Apr Skepto International Film Festival (Cagliari, Italy)

2018 Apr Flatpack Film Festival(Birmingham, UK)

2018 Apr Independent Days International Film Festival (Karlsruhe, Germany)

2018 Mar Boston Underground Film Festival (Boston, MA, USA)

2018 Mar Athens Animfest (Athens, Greece)

2018 Mar IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival (New Delhi, India)

2018 Mar Florence Korea Film Fest (Firenze, Italy )

2018 Mar Albany Film Festival (Albany, CA, USA)

2018 Feb Love Your Shorts Film Festival (Sanford, Fl, USA)
2018 Feb SF Indie Film Fest (San Francisco, C, USA)
2018 Feb Oxford Film Festival (Oxford, MS, USA)
2018 Jan Slamdance (Parkcity, UT, USA)

2017 Dec Amarcort Film Festival (Rimini, Italy)
2017 Dec As Film Festival (Rome, Italy)
2017 Dec Lublin Film Festival (Lublin, Poland)
2017 Dec Anchorage International Film Festival (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)
2017 Dec Seoul Independent Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)

2017 Nov Tindirindis Animation Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2017 Nov Animasivo (Mexico City, Mexico)
2017 Nov CutOut Fest-International Animation and Digital Art Festival (Querétaro, Mexico)
2017 Nov Animage-VII International Animation Festival of Pernambuco (Recife, Brazil)
2017 Nov Multivision -The International Festival of Animation Arts (St.Petersburg, Russia)
2017 Nov St. Louis International Film Festival (St. Louis, MO, USA)
2017 Nov St. Cloud Film Festival(St Cloud, MN, USA)
2017 Nov FilmBath (Bath, UK)
2017 Nov L'Alternativa-Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
2017 Nov Crystal Palace International Film Festival (London, UK)

2017 Nov Asiana International Short Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)
2017 Nov Edinburgh Short Film Festival (Edinburgh, UK)
2017 Nov Leeds International Film Festival (Leeds, UK)

2017 Oct Locomocion-Experimental Animation Festival (Mexico City, Mexico)
2017 Oct Film Front International short film festival (Novi Sad, Serbia)
2017 Oct PiGrecoZen Film Fest (Marche, Italy)
2017 Oct Northern Wave International Film Festival (Rif, Iceland)
2017 Oct Byron Bay International Film Festival (Byron Bay, NSW, Australia)
2017 Oct BANJALUKA International Animated Film Festival (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
2017 Oct Woodstock Film Festival (Woodstock NY, USA)
2017 Oct Anim'est International Animation Festival(Bucharest, Romania)
2017 Oct SEDICICORTO International Film Festival (Forlì, Italy)
2017 Oct Festival du Film Coréen à Paris (Paris, France)

2017 Sep Cartón International Short Animation Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2017 Sep Indie-AniFest (Seoul, Korea)

2017 Sep International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries “Pacific Meridian” (Vladivostok, Russia) 
2017 Sep KROK International Animated Film Festival (Russia) 
2017 Sep International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA (Novi Sad, Serbia)
2017 Sep Girona Film Festival (Girona, Spain)
2017 Sep Kraljevski Filmski Festival (Kraljevo, Serbia)
2017 Aug Two Riversides Film and Art Festival (Warsaw, Poland)
2017 Aug Busho-Budapest Short Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary)
2017 July Animation Block Party (New York NY, USA)
2017 July Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Bucheon, Korea)
2017 July Insomnia International Animation Festival (Moscow, Russia)
2017 Jun Florida Animation Festival (Tallahassee, USA)
2017 May INDIE FORUM (Seoul, Korea)
2017 Apr Arizona International Film Festival (Tucson, AZ, USA)
2017 Apr Busan International Short Film Festival (Busan, Korea)
2017 Apr Florida Film Festival (Maitland, FL, USA)

2017 For Vagina's Sake | Feature Documentary | 84mins | South Korea


Theatrical release on January 18, 2018


2017 New Choice award, Seoul Independent Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)

2016 Best Roughcut Project, Docs Port Incheon (Incheon, Korea) 

2016 Ock-Rang Cultural Prize, Seoul International Women's Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)

Official Screenings 

2018  London Korean Film Festival (London, UK)

2018 Korean Film Festival in Paris (Paris, France)

2018 Incheon Women's Film Festival (Incheon, Korea)

2017 Seoul Independent Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)

2017 Gwangju Women's Film Festival (Gwangju, Korea)

2017 Seoul International Women's Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)


2016 Women Make Great Films | SEOUL International Women's Film Festival Trailer | 54sec | South Korea

         Director, Animator, DOP, Editor, and Composer

2014  SimGyeong(Mirror in Mind) | Animated Short | 2min 4sec | South Korea

Director, Producer, Animator, DOP, Editor, and Composer

Awards and special mention

2015 Nov  Special Mention For Deep Vision of Feminine Mind, The International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision (Russia) 

2015 Nov  Next Generation Award in Regional Competition,  Digicon6 Award (Japan and Korea)

2015 Nov  Best Animated Short, Indie Memphis (USA)

2015 Sep  Special Prize For Debut Film, Indie-AniFest, (Korea) 

2015 Sep  Best Non-narrative Animation, ANIMA Córdoba International Animation Festival (Argentina) 

2015 Jun   3rd placed in Audience Choice Awards, Aurora Picture Show's Extremely Shorts Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Jun   Sungjoo First Prize, SEOUL International Women's Film Festival (Korea)

2015 Apr   Excellence Award for Best Picture in Korean competition, Busan International Short Film Festival (Korea) 

2015 Mar   Best Animated Short, Albany Film Fest (USA) 

2015 Feb   1st placed winner in Experimental or Music video, Boomtown Film and Music Festival (USA) 

2014 Nov   Innovation award,  No Budget Film Festival (USA)


Official Screenings

2016 Jun    Fragmentary memories Short Film Festival (Korea) 

2016 Mar   POWFest(USA) 

2016 Feb   Victoria Film Festival (Canada) 

2016 Jan    Slamdance Film Festival (USA) 

2016 Jan    Flickerfest (Australia) 

2016 Jan    London Short Film Festival (UK) 

2015 Nov   Leuven Short Film Festival (Belgium)

2015 Nov   Longue vue sur le court (Canada) 

2015 Nov   Animated Dreams (Estonia) 

2015 Nov   L'Alternativa (Spain) 

2015 Nov   ZINEBI International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao (Spain)

2015 Nov   Cutout Fest (Maxico) 

2015 Nov   Cucalorus Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Nov   Asiana International Short Film Festival (Korea) 

2015 Nov   IndieMemphis (USA) 

2015 Nov   Dok Leipzig International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (Germany) 

2015 Oct    The International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision (Russia)

2015 Oct    SPARK Animation (Canada) 

2015 Oct    Primanima (Hungray) 

2015 Oct    Uppsala international short film festival (Sweden) 

2015 Oct    International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (Cyprus) 

2015 Oct    Northern Wave International Film Festival (Iceland) 

2015 Oct    Mill Valley Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Oct    Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival (Ireland)

2015 Oct    SAPPORO Short Fest (Japan) 

2015 Oct    TOFUZI International Animation Festival (Georgia) 

2015 Oct    IndieCork (Ireland) 

2015 Oct    Anim’est – international animation film festival(Romania) 

2015 Sep    Message to Man International Film Festival (Russia) 

2015 Sep    KROK International Animated Film Festival (Russia) 

2015 Sep    Indie-AniFest (Korea) 

2015 Sep    Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (Korea)

2015 Sep    Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (UK) 

2015 Sep    Bogotá Experimental Film Festival (Columbia) 

2015 Sep    ANIMA - Córdoba International Animation Festival (Argentina)

2015 Aug    We Like 'Em Short Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Aug    Mosaic World Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Aug    Animation Block Party (USA) 

2015 Jul     Free Range Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Jul     Macon Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Jun    Annecy International Animated Film Festival (France) 

2015 Jun    SouthSide Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Jun    Walthamstow International Film Festival (UK) 

2015 Jun    Aurora Picture Show's Extremely Shorts Film Festival (USA)

2015 Jun    Breakthroughs Film Festival (Canada) 

2015 Jun    SEOUL International Women's Film Festival (Korea) 

2015 May   ANIMASIVO (Maxico) 

2015 May   IndieForum (Korea) 

2015 May   International Animation Festival CHILEMONOS (Chile) 

2015 May   Leiden International Short Film Experience (Netherlands) 

2015 May   JeonJu international film festival (Korea)

2015 Apr    Busan International Short Film Festival (Korea) 

2015 Apr    International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival (Turkey)

2015 Apr    Animatricks (Finland) 

2015 Apr    Athens International Film and Video Festival (USA) 

2015 Apr    Dawson City International Short Film Festival (Canada) 

2015 Apr    Athens Animfest (Greece) 

2015 Mar    Albany Film Fest (USA) 

2015 Mar    Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Mar    Flatpack Film Festival (UK) 

2015 Mar    Taos Shortz Film Fest (USA) 

2015 Mar    Tricky Women (Austria) 

2015 Mar    Monstra (Portugal) 

2015 Feb    DC Independent Film Festival (USA) 

2015 Feb    Boomtown Film and Music Festival (USA) 

2015 Feb    Animac (Spain) 

2014 Dec    Luksuz Film Festival (Slovenia) 

2014 Nov    NoBudget Film Festival (USA) 

2014 Nov    Libelula Animation Festival (Spain) 


Work Experience

2018 Apr                         Seoul International Women's Film Festival | Action Girl badge design 

2016 Mar-2018 Jan        Indie Anifest - Korean independent Animation Festival  |  Executive Committee Member

2017 Mar-2017 Sep        Indie Anifest - Korean independent Animation Festival  |  Program & Guest Relations Coordinator for the 13th edition

2016 Jan-2017 May        For Vagina's Sake(Feature Documentary) |  Animation

2016 Aug-Nov                 Seoul Best of Best Animation Festival  |  Event Organizer and Post Card Design

2016 Mar-Jun                 Organizer of Fragmentary memories Short Film Festival (Korea) 

2016 Jan-Apr                  Seoul International Women's Film Festival Trailer  |  Director 

2018 Jul-Dec     Residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris, France (Supported by Samsung Foundation of Culture)

2017 July   The World of Moving Insubstantiality, Group Exhibition, Seoul Illustration Fair, Coex Exhibition hall, Korea

2015 Sep    Beyond Screen, Group Exhibition, Seoul Animation Center, Korea

2015 Jul     Live Painting Performance for 4 days, Handmade Korea Fair, Coex Exhibition hall, Korea

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